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Chase Organics - Specialists in Organic Seaweed Extract

Chase Organics has over 50 years experience supplying seaweed extract to growers wanting to improve their crop quality and yield, and plant resistance to pests, disease and drought. SM6 seaweed extract is a sound economic choice as it reduces the need for other supplements, fertilisers and treatments, and is recognised today as a valuable input for virtually any crop.

• SM6 Seaweed Extract is a highly concentrated and economic plant growth stimulant containing cytokinins, betaines and trace elements. It is applied as a foliar feed and through fertigation on an extensive range of crops world wide, including potatoes, cotton, bananas and citrus. The value of seaweed is also becoming increasingly recognised by agronomists when used on pasture, amenity and sports turf. The seaweed for SM6 is responsibly harvested leaving enough for the seaweed to regrow, truly a renewable resource. We use a unique aqueous extraction process to get the best from the raw material.

• Organic Certification. SM6 is approved for use on organic crops by the Soil Association in the UK, BioGro in New Zealand, NASAA in Australia and InterEco in Spain. SM6 can help you to meet your environmental policy targets too. It is a natural product, with nothing added but food grade preservatives, and needs no specialist handling to apply.

Soil Association Certified  ProductNASAA Certified ProductInter ecoBioGro Input for Organics

Opportunities exist for new distributors for SM6 in parts of the UK and worldwide. If you have an established agricultural distribution business and would be interested in discussing this, please contact us.

• Bespoke extract manufacture. Chase Organics also make seaweed based extracts with added nutrients to suit particular crops, and have the facility to manufacture ‘own label’ extract to customer specification.

• Seaweed Meal. The dried raw material for our organic extracts, Chase Seaweed Meal is used to stimulate plant growth, particularly useful in amenity grass, sports turf and pasture. Chase Blend 14 is used as an animal feed supplement, for organically raised livestock.

• Gardening. For the amateur gardening and allotment market, we recommend SM3, a less concentrated Seaweed Extract, available from The Organic Gardening Catalogue. Chase Organics publish this mail order catalogue in partnership with Garden Organic (the organic research, advisory and training organisation) to supply organic seeds, fertilisers, composts, natural pest controls, books and tools to organic gardeners in the UK.

Part of the Ian Allan Group, Chase Organics has a long history stretching back to its origins in 1912