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Chase SM6 Seaweed Extract is a super concentrated natural plant growth stimulant with 30% seaweed solids.
Chase SM6 is in use across the world as a foliar application on a wide range of crops to stimulate healthy growth and boost marketable yield.

SM6 will also act through the roots and can be used either as a plant dip or through fertigation systems.


Seaweed Extract specialists

Chase Organics has over 60 years experience supplying seaweed extract to growers wanting to improve their crop quality and yield, and plant resistance to pests, disease, drought and other stress conditions. Our Chase SM6 and SM3 seaweed extract hold Soil Association “Approved”  status for use on organically grown crops.

We can also supply seaweed extract based fertiliser mixes with added nutrients to customers’  specification, either supplied in bulk or in  ‘own label’ packaging.

Chase SM3 Seaweed Extract is our original 1950's formulation and is invaluable for promoting healthy growth.
SM3 and SM6 contain natural plant growth promoters  and a range of trace elements, developing healthy plants which are very ‘efficient’ in their uptake of nutrients.

Plants grown with SM3 and SM6 have been shown in trials to be less susceptible to pest and disease attack.


Commercial & Garden Applications

Our Chase SM6 and Chase SM3 are recognised today as valuable inputs for virtually any crop. They have been proved to increase income by boosting yield, whilst also reducing requirements of other fertilisers and inputs.

For farmers and growers we advise the use of Chase SM6 Seaweed Extract.

For home gardens and allotments, we recommend  Chase SM3 Seaweed Extract to put more food on the table at harvest time. Chase SM3 is available to buy online from The Organic Gardening Catalogue.


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