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SM6 Seaweed ExtractProduct Information

Chase SM6 improves crop quality and yield, and plant resistance to pests, disease and drought. It is a sound economic choice as it reduces the need for other supplements, fertilisers and treatments, and is recognised today as a valuable input for virtually any crop.

Chase SM6 contains a minimum of 30% w/v of PURE soluble seaweed solids, higher than most other products. This reflects relative activity and its plant boosting potential.

Reasons to choose chase SM6

  • Used worldwide on avocados to zucchini
  • Highly concentrated 30% seaweed
  • Made in the UK from renewable resource
  • Unique low pH, chemical free production
  • Soil association approved
  • Proven track record of success

Benefits: chase SM6 stimulates

  • Crop yield and quality
  • Root growth and nutrient uptake
  • Drought, frost and stress resistance
  • Chlorophyll production
  • Pest resistance and pesticide activity
  • Disease resistance

What makes chase SM6 seaweed extract a success?

plantThe aqueous extraction process used to make Chase SM6 is a unique two stage method using no chemical solvents. It has been shown that aqueous extraction can provide more positively active ingredients than systems using solvents.
Seaweed grows in a tough enviroment! It survives the dry and wet conditions of tidal waters and a wide range of temperatures, not to mention the effects of storms and currents. It is therefore not surprising that it contains high levels of plant growth stimulants including hormones, trace elements, complex sugars, manitol and alginates which enable it to flourish and regrow.

Our production process harnesses the power of these substances, preserving them in pure form to be readily available to benefit other plants.

The plant growth stimulants extracted from seaweed positively encourage :-

  • Plant cell division
  • Enlargement of the rooting area
  • Maximum photosynthetic activity from increased chlorophyll content

Other positive benefits will follow:-

  • Increased resistance to both growth and disease stress
  • Improved nutrient/trace element uptake
  • Improved marketable yield

Repeated applications of SM6 will encourage a build up of the soil microbial activity leading to improvement in soil fertility and a corresponding reduced dependency on chemical inputs.

Certified PURE seaweed solids

SM6 Soil Association ApprovedThe certified PURE seaweed solids in any liquid seaweed product are the vital link when assessing and comparing products. The ability of the product to provide beneficial results when used at recommended application rates is linked to the plant growth stimulant content which is in turn linked to the solids content.

There are a number of liquid seaweed products in the market place and care should be taken to relate price to quality, application rates and proven ability.

Chase seaweed extracts have been proven in over 40 years of trials, an historical record to be proud of. Expanding world wide sales are proof that the product works on an extensive range of crops in a wide variety of climatic conditions.

Chase SM6 Seaweed Extract has Soil Association “Approved”  status for use on Certified Organic crops and can also be used on Conservation Grade crops.

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